How to play!


Driver and Passengers 

Equipment Needed 

A vehicle, Random Roadtrip Game, and fun people! (Camera and selfie stick optional but we highly recommend it!) 


For all players to experience something new, fun, and exciting! Every game is an unknown journey because it’s RANDOM! 


Fill your vehicle’s gas tank and get ready for your adventure. 

To Begin Play 

Choose a driver and starting location. For best results, choose a major 4-way intersection. 
Driver or passenger begins play by shaking the Destinator! 

Follow the directions of the specialized dice. 

For example, if the Direction Die reads “Forward” and the Distance Die reads “10,” players are to travel 10 miles in the original direction. At the end of the 10 miles, players are to experience life by participating in an activity found near the location of the endpoint, preferably an activity never experienced before. 

For example, if the trek led the players to a Go Cart Track, start your engines and take a ride! If the trek led you to a beach, take a swim, skip rocks, fish, or go for a walk. The possibilities are limitless – parks, museums, walking trails, roadside stands, auto dealerships, ice cream parlors, zoos, and food, food, food! 

REMEMBER: the idea is to experience life to the fullest. Try new things! If your trek led you to food, try something you have never tried before and don’t be stingy, share your treat with the other players! 

Feel free to take liberties with destination endpoints – ¼ mile in any direction should work. The idea is to get out of the house and experience what life has to offer! If more than one activity is available at your destination endpoint, the person who shook the Destinator will choose the activity. 

Once an activity is complete, all players will re-enter the vehicle. Shake the Destinator again to continue your Random Roadtrip experience. The Roadtrip ends when players agree to end play or the predetermined time period has expired. 


Follow all laws! We are not responsible for accidents, injuries, or legal ramifications due to driver error. We also advise rerouting and/or leaving an area if players feel unsafe in anyway. Only use the Random Roadtrip Game when the vehicle is not in motion.